Flava 1.2 is released. Get it here.

Upcoming 1.3 features/fixes
Flava 1.2 contains almost all of the features that I was looking to release in the initial incarnation of flava. Things to look at include the new UI design (Just a little better done on my part), as well as improved searching and program access.

IMPORTANT - Read this for instructions on building the qt client

The qt client has to be built by running qmake from the host system. As soon as I figure a way to package this for only make usage, I will do so.

Read the README before anything else! You will not get anywhere if you don't do that.

The sample xml file is provided with the options that I've passed to my recorder of choice, mencoder, and if anyone has any other suggestions to help cut things down on the recorder/encoder side, please let me know. Future releases will be packaged with the defaults set to the new Ogg/Vorbis A/V codecs.